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Read what Kirkus Reviews says about Frozen Statues, Perdition Games—Fraser’s latest hair-raising psychological thriller.


The author tests her sleuths in this grim and engrossing series entry… She fuels the plot with increasingly sadistic secrets. Careful details about the murders are impressively geeky. And Fraser doesn’t let her fans down during grisly flashbacks.

—(2017, August) Indie. Kirkus Reviews Magazine, vol. LXXXV, No.15, pp. 198

Seven university freshmen vanish. Two are found dead—frozen solid, their eyes replaced with black stones. And when the serial killer lures a Toronto PI into a deadly trap, she must fight her own demons to unravel the psychopath’s twisted game.

A deeply compelling psychological thriller.—Marta Cheng, Self-Publishing Review

A one-of-a-kind psychological thriller with surprising twists.—Romuald Dzemo, Readers’ Favorite

The characters & relationship parallels are extraordinary.—Robin Goodfellow, Black Magic Reviews

A complex and mesmerizing puzzle with a cunning serial killer and a likable protagonist that twists and turns with every chapter.”—Awesome Indies Books

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