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Shadow Tag, Perdition Game by L.E. Fraser

Shadow Tag, Perdition Game

by L.E. Fraser

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A Dark and Twisting Crime Thriller

ON A HOT Louisiana night in the Bayou, a horrifying act of violence precipitates the destruction of a family. Under the shadow of an ancient cypress tree, a killer rises from the ashes—the omnipotent judge and executioner of the unworthy.

Ten years later, Reece Hash of the Toronto Crown Attorney’s Office uncovers disturbing evidence in multiple closed cases that points to homicide. As his fiancée and PI partner Samantha McNamara investigates the rape of a deluded patient at a private psychiatric hospital, Reece grows to believe that a serial killer is exacting social justice across Toronto. And there’s a sinister connection to the prestigious mental health hospital, where someone is brutally exploiting vulnerable patients.

An Ominous Plot of Medical Corruption, Blackmail, and Murder

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