L.E. Fraser

I’m a voracious reader, love movies and cooking, and am an avid supporter of indie artists. After living in Toronto for years, I now reside in London Ontario with my husband, sons, and three pugs. Yes… I know… there are only pictures of the pugs. Aren’t they adorable?

I haven’t always made smart life choices, but the people I met and roads I took (even the dark ones littered with pot-holes) fed a passion for creative writing. In the early years, magazines published my short stories, but I worked full-time with youngsters whose circumstances had forced them to rise above astonishing adversity. They taught me the gift of adaptation and perseverance, but the horrors I witnessed were overwhelming. I returned to school for Business Administration and worked in the public and private sectors while continuing to write. In 2013, I left the corporate world to publish my debut novel.

Most people thought this was a monumentally stupid thing to do, but I’ve never been one to run with the herd. With the help of a fantastic book team, we’ve now published six novels. Each story has a standalone plot. The link is the returning protagonists, Sam McNamara and Reece Hash.

Sam McNamara owes her existence to a conversation I had with my paternal grandmother shortly before her death. We were discussing how I wanted to be a writer, and she told me the qualities she’d like in a female protagonist. I was fourteen and glimpsed hidden depths to my grandmother. Sam is not identical to her vision, but she’s close. Years later, when my son talked about schoolyard games, I had the idea for the Perdition Games mystery-thriller series. Children’s games can be downright traumatizing. So can the games that adults play.

These are not cozy mysteries with pugs solving crimes while their hapless owners flounder in their paw prints. They are dark. The characters’ motivations depict an ugly side to humanity. Monsters stand behind us in a grocery store checkout. They serve us food in restaurants and sit beside us at concerts. You never know the inner workings of anyone’s mind. Evil lives amongst us, camouflaged by normalcy and obscured by intelligence.

Come and play a game with me.

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