New Perdition Games Website on the Way!

blog-champagneI’m excited to welcome a web developer to the team. He’ll be designing and building the new Perdition Games website. His plans include: creating the ability to interact with visitors, live Twitter feeds, and a blog with a review page to highlight talented indie authors. It will be fun to poll readers to identify hidden gems and feature one outstanding author each month.

My main goal with the website blog is to confess all the stupid mistakes I made over the past year with my two books. For Skully, Perdition Games I considered traditional publishing. With only one novel under my belt, I was fortunate to have a publisher show interest in the second book. As I worried over the pros and cons, poor friends and family were bored to tears. Eventually, I popped on the therapist cap and realized that viewing the opportunity as a conundrum meant I’d made my decision. My head just hadn’t caught up with my heart. There were aspects of the deal that weren’t a good fit for me right now. Maybe another time. I chose to stick with my amazing freelance team and try Indie, which I didn’t know anything about because I didn’t handle the backend of Perdition Games: Simon Says.

As I frantically dog-paddled in Lake Ignorance trying not to drown, indie authors reached out and offered advice. I appreciate every conference invitation, book recommendation, and life raft they tossed my way. I’d like to pay it forward by sharing templates and project plans that I created to navigate the choppy waters of quality indie publishing.

For now, thanks to everyone for the support and love. It’s been a wild ride. The pugs are eager to retire psycho publishing mom and have happy writing mom back. At least until June 2016, when we do it all again for book three. But with knowledge… and templates… and tested project plans… it’ll be a breeze, right? Hum… and no one can see where the wild animal tore up the corner of the new outdoor carpet. Oh boy, the things we tell ourselves!


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