Turner: Bitter Change

From the Book Jacket… Change happens. It’s a fact of life. But what if the change is so drastic it irrevocably alters your entire society, your whole world? TITLE:             Turner: Bitter Change AUTHOR:        Bea Cannon PUBLISHED:  18-Nov-2014 PUBLISHER:  Bea Cannon GENRE:           Science Fiction > Fantasy [ ... ]


Flash Blood, Joseph Hirsch

Interview & Coffee

From the Book Jacket… Blood is the Drug. After twenty years as a private investigator, Detective James Arklow is seriously contemplating retirement—that is, until a man named Dan Maple shows up at his door holding one-hundred thousand dollars. He promises another hundred grand if Arklow agrees to find a missing drug addict and veteran of [ ... ]


New Perdition Games Website on the Way!

I’m excited to welcome a web developer to the team. He’ll be designing and building the new Perdition Games website. His plans include: creating the ability to interact with visitors, live Twitter feeds, and a blog with a review page to highlight talented indie authors. It will be fun to poll readers to identify hidden [ ... ]


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